The Renaissance Hotel

Property Description

The Renaissance Hotel stands as one of the clearest examples of Wampold Companies’ ability to see potential where it exists, and then make that vision reality. Originally the site of a massive, abandoned dormitory project, the property had long-since languished in an unfinished state, casting a pall in the heart of the business and medical corridors of Baton Rouge for decades.

But Mike Wampold recognized the enormous potential of the location, and the unparalleled skills, experience, and ingenuity of Wampold Companies’ team members transformed what was once a commuters’ eyesore into a vibrant, international travel destination. Today, with 12,000 square feet of meeting space, a spa, 63 luxurious suites and a gorgeous 7,500-square-foot ballroom, The Renaissance Hotel is renowned as one of the finest modern hotels in the state of Louisiana, offering an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Address7000 Bluebonnet Blvd, Baton Rouge LA
Meeting Space Sq. Ft.12,685